Coca-Cola Byte Coming. Here’s Coke’s New Drink Taste

Coca-Cola’s new flavour will be available in just an entire week. And it’s unlike that Starlight “space” flavoured Coke that debuted in February. It’s named Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, and according to the massive beverage, it tastes similar to pixels. I decided to give it a go as who doesn’t want the taste of pixels?

The company claims that this is the first Coca-Cola flavour born within the universe of metaphysical reality and has been kept from view. “An early look at the beverage appeared in a new island created in Fortnite,” Coca-Cola stated.

“What I find especially exciting about this Coke Creation is the intentional air of mystery in defining the taste of a pixel. We know that any new Coca-Cola Creations expression will provoke debate and curiosity, which we welcome,” Oana Vlad, Coca-Cola’s chief of strategy, said.

Coca-Cola has announced it will launch more limited-edition drinks later in the year. However, the company anticipates Byte to become the expected most significant drop for the season. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand new Coke Byte.

Here’s what I felt during my Coke Byte taste test went.

I received a large and slim bottle of Coca-Cola’s brand new Byte Coke, and upon opening it, I heard an intense fizz — with more carbonation than Starlight Coke. It has an orange hue, similar to the regular Coke Zero (I expected it to be a purple hue) and has a delightful scent. After I sipped out of Coke Byte, the fizziness was intense that it reminded me of the times I used to take a bite of Pop Rocks as a kid. Maybe that’s what pixels taste like? The flavour was mild, but it still smelt like the taste of a Coke Zero. I could smell the sweetener that replaced that sugar… maybe Splenda?

Read my review of my experience with the Coca-Cola Starlight “space” flavour drink which I believed was similar to a ginger-flavoured soda. If it was my choice to pick between the two, Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte is my preference because it has a more traditional flavour.

Do I have to buy the Coca-Cola Byte today?

But not today. Coca-Cola’s newly launched Byte won’t be sold in the US until May 2. Then, Coca-Cola says it’ll “live in the metaverse.”

Where can I buy Coke Byte?

While Starlight was sold in stores, Coca-Cola Byte will only be available to purchase from the Coke website beginning May 2. The company claims it’ll be sold in “super limited quantity” on an order-by-order basis.

The product will be offered in two 12-ounce cans. However, it’s not clear what price they’ll be.

How long will the Coke with a pixel flavour remain in the market?

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will be sold in minimal quantities. The website for purchasing will only be available for a brief period while stocks remain.

What made Coca-Cola byte make the pixel-flavoured drink?

Coca-Cola declares that they were inspired by the creativeness of the gaming community worldwide and came up with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte to help bring the pixel-like flavour to life.

“This new Coca-Cola Creations flavour is an amazing nod to gamers from one of the most iconic brands in existence,” Lachlan Power, a professional player and PWR founder, stated in the press announcement.

What’s happening on Coca-cola Byte Fortnite Island?

The Fortnite Pixel Point island is an area within the game in which you can communicate in a group with players. It offers four mini-games multiplayer: The Castle, The Escape, The Race and The Tower.

What exactly is this game called? Coca-Cola AR game?

Alongside Fortnite’s Pixel Point Island, Coca-Cola is launching an AR experience. It will be possible to gain access by scanning the image of a Byte Coke on the Coca-Cola Creations website.

Coca-Cola describes the game: “The game tells the story of BYTE, an 8-bit pixel which was left behind when Coca-Cola Byte entered the metaverse. Using fingers to hold down arrows, players will guide BYTE to ‘jump’ up a spiral staircase so the lone pixel can rejoin the Coca-Cola logo. Players’ finish times will be recorded in a virtual leaderboard that can be shared on social media.”

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