Lawyer Claims Shivling Found In Pond and Gyanvapi Mosque Filming End

Lawyer Claims Shivling Found In Pond and Gyanvapi Mosque Filming End. Gyanvapi Mosque: Five Hindu women have asked for access all year to the mosque’s shrine.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh:

The court-mandated videography survey of three days of the Gyanvapi Masjid complex in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi is over just a day before the next hearing in the case of the court.

In a story that’s bound to cause a stir, the lawyer for the Hindu women claims that there was a Shiva Linga was discovered in the pond within the Mosque complex. Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi, a lawyer, stated that the pond was used to purify the water. He also said that the water was removed and that the shiva, the linga, was found.

A Varanasi court has ordered the immediate closing out of the area following an appeal from petitioners. The court ordered the Varanasi District Magistrate to ensure that no one could get into the room.

The Varanasi DM had previously stated that any committee member revealed the details of the survey conducted at Gyanvapi mosque. “The court is that the protector of the knowledge concerning the survey. One member was debarred from the commission for a couple of jiffy yesterday, later admitted to the commission,” aforementioned the DM and aforementioned that one that was debarred had expressed a view that is personal to them. Opinion.

The filming for the final day began today amid strict security and restrictions around the location.

“The survey commission has completed its work today. It has filmed all the places in detail. Three domes, underground basements, pond…all are video recorded. The advocate commissioner will submit his report in the court tomorrow, prepared by the three commission members today. If the report is not finished on time, we will ask the court for more time,” the government lawyer Mahendra Prasad Pandey said on NDTV and added that the whole procedure was tranquil.

The Anjuman Intejamiya Masjid management committee of the Gyanvapi mosque has asked the Supreme Court to stop the survey. A two-member court headed by Justice DY Chandrachud is scheduled to hear the case on Tuesday. The petition says it was filed because the Allahabad High Court had already stopped the initial suit filed in 1991. However, a second request was made in 2021 to get around the court. Both the 21st and the year 1991 petitions oppose the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991, which five benches judge of the Supreme Court had also endorsed in the Ayodhya ruling.

On Sunday, about 65 percent of the survey had been completed.

The mosque is situated close to the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple. The local court is currently hearing an appeal from women who want permission to pray daily before the idols on its outside walls.

Five Hindu women have requested year-round access to the mosque’s shrine, and the site is currently available for prayers every year. The women also seek permission to offer prayers to other “visible and invisible deities within the old temple complex.”

The survey was conducted on May 6, but it was stopped after a row was fought over the filming within the mosque. The mosque’s committee claimed that the court didn’t have the authority to order filming inside the mosque. However, the lawyer for the petitioners maintained that the judge had granted the go-ahead.

In the last hearing, the local court ordered that videography be conducted in any location requested by petitioners.

Vikram Shukla, a lawyer representing petitioners, said to NDTV on the day that filming began on the first day that they had been happy with the outcome.

“We accessed all the areas that the petitioners wanted. We told the commissioner about it, and he, in turn, coordinated with the opposite side. There were clear orders that legal action would be taken against anyone who tried to stop the process, but nothing of this sort happened,” Mr. Shukla said.

The lawyer for the Gyanvapi Mosque trust that approached the Supreme Court against the filming order claiming it’s not following the Places of Worship Act, 1991, said nothing extraordinary was discovered during the inspection. “First everybody went within, 2 locks to basements were opened, one was broken as a result of it had been previous and rusted . there have been simply customary rooms. i do not suppose something of significance was found,” Mr. Tauhwed claimed during an interview on NDTV on May 14.

On Monday, the court of Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi ordered a pond located in the Gyanvapi Mosque complex to be sealed in light of reports that there is a “Shivling” found in the pond. The Varanasi court directed the district magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma “to close the area and prohibit any person’s entry into the room. In its ruling, the court ruled that the DM, as well as the police commissioner along with officials from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) commandant Varanasi, are responsible for ensuring the safety of the area.

The directive follows the filing of an appeal before the Civil Judge Senior Division Ravi Kumar Diwakar seeking the region, in which some concrete evidence was found to be secured.

SM Yasin, joint secretary of the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee, who is responsible for the management of Gyanvapi Mosque, said, ” We strictly followed the order by the court and fully cooperated in the survey. I am deeply pained that the people associated with petitioners are making claims that suit them and leaking details of the survey proceedings.”

The area will be sealed where ‘Shivling found’ during survey

The videography investigation conducted by the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi by an appointed court ended at the end of the third day on Monday amid strict security measures.

The civil court appointed an official from the court to oversee surveys and videography in the area, and this was then opposed by the Allahabad High Court, which denied the appeal on April 21. The apex courts contested the high court’s decision on April 21, the court of appeal.

On Sunday, 80 percent of the area was examined in just 8 hours spread over two consecutive days, someone familiar with the issue told.

Recent updates on the Gyanvapi Mosque survey:

>> “We filed a petition in the court of civil judge senior division Ravi Kumar Diwakar urging that the area where some concrete evidence was found during the survey should be protected. The court heard the petition and ordered to seal the area” Advocate Harishankar Jain, one who filed the petition.

>> Rais Ahmad Ansari, one of the advocates on behalf of The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee, said petitioners have presented a false statement. “There is only one fountain located in the wajookhana of Gyanvapi Mosque. The structure that petitioners claim to be Shivlinga is actually not a fountain. This is a false claim,” he said.


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