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Lazy Loin NFT – How to Keep Your NFT Safe and Secure

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, the future of crypto-collectibles and trading. If you have no idea what NFT is, worry not! This article will tell you everything you need to know to keep your NFT safe and secure. So you can rest easy knowing your investments are in good hands!

What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

In short, Non-Fungible Tokens are ERC-721 tokens. These are tokens built on Ethereum’s blockchain with a few unique features distinguishing them from fungible tokens. The most important of these features is their ability to track metadata. Metadata tracks information about a token, such as its owner or how many times it has been traded. This is where Non-Fungible Tokens get their name; because each token can hold unique information about itself, it is considered non-fungible (unlike Monopoly money). Thus, every time someone trades a smart contract for an ERC-721 token. They are given an entirely different version of that same token.
There are some situations where one ERC-721 token might be different from another. One example would be your Cryptokitty being a different breed of cat than someone else’s Cryptokitty. Another good example would be Etherbots, in which multiple parts of a robot can vary by condition, rarity, and wear level. Every non-fungible item needs its unique Ethereum address to receive transactions without mixing with other items in your wallet.

What is Enjin Coin?

Enjin is introducing Enjin Coin (ENJ), a new ERC-20 token that gives communities, content creators, game servers, and game publishers an easy solution for implementing virtual goods and absolute value into their gameplay and communities. By leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology, we are now introducing a new asset class to video games – digital assets. This enables developers with our SDK integration portal to issue fungible, tradeable tokens backed by existing digital assets. These tokens can be used in video games across any platform – mobile or PC/console.
Our mission is to bring actual item ownership to video games. With millions of gamers worldwide trading billions of dollars worth of in-game items every year, it’s time there was a better way. With Enjin Coin, we have built a cryptocurrency that provides total item ownership, bringing actual utility and value to players worldwide. Now you have genuinely owned your items!

Why use Enjin Coin on the gaming platform?

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a cryptocurrency for creating, managing, distributing, and trading virtual goods. It is based on Ethereum blockchain technology and is supported by Enjin’s development platform, game plugins/addons for popular games like Minecraft, H1Z1, etc. And industry-leading software development kits (SDKs) that help other game developers in building blockchain-based games. When any user creates or gains access to a virtual item — be it a sword in Minecraft or a skin in CS: GO — they can make their unique history with it. This means users can buy/sell/trade items peer-to-peer using Enjin Coin’s smart contracts functionality.
The market price of ENJ fluctuates based on supply and demand, so when someone wants to sell an item, they will set a minimum amount of ENJ they are willing to accept for it. The more people who want an item, the higher its price. If you have Enjin Coins in your wallet, you can use them as payment for buying digital assets from other gamers. There are many ways gamers earn ENJ coins through the gameplay itself – our first SDK released already allows gamers to make real money by playing Minecraft servers!

Lazy Lion NFT

Losing your NFT is just as bad as losing any other cryptocurrency. With so many online exchanges and wallet platforms available, it’s easy for people to be overwhelmed when trying to find a safe place to store their coins. Luckily, you can implement a few options to keep your investment safe from theft. Here are some tips for how to make sure your NFT is secure.
Who would have thought that owning crypto could be so much work? From countless exchanges to ensure security, insurance of loss in value, hacks, scams, and shams—it’s a pain in many ways. But even if you choose not to get involved in that hassle, there are still some practical things you can do right now. You see—there is no one proper way to keep your crypto safe and secure; each person or business has its own unique needs. Even so—there are a few things that everyone should do if they want peace of mind regarding their crypto investment. Here’s our easy guide for how to keep your NFT (non-fungible token) safe and secure


In 2017, a significant cryptocurrency exchange in Tokyo suffered a hack that affected hundreds of thousands of users. It was an expensive disaster for investors, but far worse, it could have also opened investors up to the financial crime. So how can you make sure that your NFTs are safe? To help you with these matters, we’ve compiled some tips for securing your digital assets.
What Is NEO Tokyo NFT? NeoTokyo is a blockchain-based video game (NFT) platform built on Ethereum smart contracts. In NeoTokyo, players collect virtual cats (NEO Tokis) as they progress through levels and use them to fight other players’ cats. As such, players must care for their NEO Tokis by feeding them and keeping them happy – otherwise, they may run away! The main goal is to get enough virtual cats to become strong enough to beat all your opponents!

What do you mean by Floydies NFT?

Any tech-savvy developer can tell you that blockchain-based tokens, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are some of today’s hottest items. The applications for these objects are seemingly endless: from digital collectibles like CryptoKitties to real estate contracts using Propy and non-currency tokens like tZERO. Companies like Maecenas have even begun securitizing art pieces using ERC721 and ERC20 standard tokenization methodologies, allowing even people who aren’t tech-savvy a chance at making their pieces just as lucrative as those of venture capitalists looking to increase their portfolio value by a few hundred percent.
Floyd is a platform where anyone can purchase NFTs without knowing how they work, buy them with fiat currency, store them in your wallet, and use them on our marketplace when you want. With Floyd, you don’t need to know anything about intelligent contracts or how your data is being used; you only need a way to pay for goods and services online.

What is Alpha art NFT?

Alpha art represents an asset (such as a cryptocurrency token) on top of another medium. For example, Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform for NFTs known as ERC-721 tokens. Since Ethereum has innovative contract capability that allows for non-fungible passes (NFTs), these new assets can be transacted within a trustless system using its native currency, Ether. To create your NFT support, you must purchase Ethereum and launch your ERC-721 token.

The best NFT Logo

According to NFT Logo, a transparent approach is essential in establishing trust if you have a public business. They consider themselves your non-fungible token creator—they’ll design, mint, and distribute your NFTs for you, essentially walking you through every step of creating your crypto-asset. A transparent approach can help keep investors at ease about where their money is going and establish trust with your community. If you decide to work with NFT Logo, you’ll get access to all of their work and 24/7 customer support while they walk you through planning a product launch that suits your brand. This way, everything will be aligned right from day one!
They do all the hard work for you so that your product looks professional and on point and helps maintain integrity within your company. With these benefits, working with NFT Logo should make sense to anyone interested in launching an initial coin offering (ICO). With so many people investing in cryptocurrency and other forms of blockchain technology, a great option to ensure transparency and security is to go ahead and use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) when designing digital assets.

Free NFT Drops

To help you increase your NFT holdings, we are pleased to announce that our company will be airdropping free NFT to holders of OMG and all ERC-20 tokens. Further details will be announced in an upcoming Medium post, but all you need to do is send a small number of tickets (roughly $ 1’s worth) over your ETH address. We’ll be doling out rewards based on how many different types of ERC-20 tickets you hold. The more tickets you have, the more bonus NFT you’ll receive! (NFT Drops)

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