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(CNN) Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Imran Khan, has reaffirmed his call for a new Pakistani president. his assertions Monday morning, it was revealed that the United States had orchestrated his removal, claiming the “anti-Americanism” was growing in the South Asian nation as a consequence because of “all this becoming public.”

Imran Khan claims to have been making variations regarding this claim for more than two months. However, he hasn’t presented evidence to support the claim.

Imran Khan’s exclusive interview with CNN

Imran Khan exclusive interview with CNN was his first with an international news organization since the cricketer-turned-politician was unseated in a vote of no-confidence, following claims of bad governance and economic mismanagement.

Khan -who was sacked from office following an April vote of no-confidence The president demanded a massive nationwide demonstration to protest his removal on Wednesday. He also said the possibility of running to be elected in his next elections.

“Whenever the next elections take place, we will not only run, but I can predict that this will be the larggest party in the history of Pakistan because people are so incensed and feel insulted that these criminals/beggars have been foisted upon us,” Imran Khan said about the new Pakistani government during CNN interview.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan during a convention in Lahore on May 18, 2022.

Imran Khan has repeatedly stated claims that Donald Lu, the Assistant Secretary of the US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, was the one who visited Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington in March. He informed him that Khan should be removed from office in the confidence vote. Khan stated on Monday that Lu had threatened that “Pakistan will suffer consequences” if Khan were removed from office. Khan admitted that his visit to Russia in the latter part of February, which coincided with the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was likely to have upset American officials.

“There is no truth to these allegations,” a US State Department spokesperson told CNN after having previously and repeatedly denied any involvement in the ousting of Khan.

Khan even said in the interview that Lu was dismissed because of being involved in Pakistan’s internal policies and “for bad manners and sheer arrogance.”

If asked to prove his claims for his assertions, Imran Khan said that there were note-takers from both US and Pakistani sides at the conference. However, he did not respond directly to questions about whether he’d be willing to make notes publically available.

He claimed that an encryption cypher — or diplomatic cable that outlined details of the conference sent by the Pakistani ambassador was passed on to the cabinet of Pakistan. Khan added that he had also handed over the minutes of that session to the National Security Council.

Khan has also been accused by the Pakistani military and opposition headed by the current prime minister Shehbaz Sharif of cooperation with the US and the US, both have denied.

“People are so incensed and feel insulted that these criminals have been foisted upon us,” Khan stated.

Khan’s accusations are now a regular feature in rallies that he has staged throughout Pakistan to regain power.

His assertions have resonated with the young people of the United States, where American sentiment is the rising cost of living fuels high and anti-establishment sentiments.

Imran Khan stated to CNN that there is an outrage and “anti-Americanism right now” in the United States.

The following day, the president said that his party’s supporters would be led on a lengthy rally starting from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where his party is still ruling in the capital city, Islamabad, on Wednesday over 200 kilometres (120 miles) away.

Visit of Khan’s to Moscow

Khan’s decision to have a meeting Putin Putin to discuss the war in Moscow at the time Russia started its war caused a stir within the west, even though Khan reiterated his claim on Monday that he didn’t have any idea Russia would attack that day.

He stated that it was something he “would regret” going if they had been aware of the attack.

Russia had built up tens of thousands of troops along the border with Ukraine for months before the war.

“I have opposed all military ways of achieving political ends,” Khan declared.

The trip was scheduled for a while and was crucial in securing Pakistan’s energy needs, Khan said, while his country struggled with soaring poverty and inflation.

The two talked about Russian gas, oil, and wheat exports to Pakistan.

“My responsibility is for the wellbeing. We have 50 million people living below the poverty line,” Khan stated.

Khan said relationships with Pakistan with the US were strained following the time President Joe Biden was elected and blamed Biden for the current situation in Afghanistan. As an indication of how fragile relations have turned, Biden and Khan have not had a conversation since Biden was inaugurated last year.

“I had perfectly good relationship with the Trump administration,” Khan declared. “It’s only when the Biden administration came, and it coincided with what was happening in Afghanistan. And for some reason, which I still don’t know, I never, they never got in touch with me.”

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