Starting from Outer Space to Social Media, Elon Musk Growing Universe

Twitter Inc. is preparing for a deal with the billionaire Elon Musk’s “best and final” offer of $43 billion for acquisition, People told Reuters, the news agency, on Monday.

In April, the social media giant opted to use the idea of a “poison pill” to secure its business from Musk’s $54.20 per share offer that came just days after Elon Musk had revealed the existence of a 9.2 percent stake.

Elon Musk is a prolific tech businessman whose net worth is close to $300 billion. According to Forbes Musk, who created, co-founded, or is managing the following businesses:

Neuralink – 2016

The brain-chip startup is hoping to connect computers and humans. In July of the previous year, the company revealed that the company had received over 200 million dollars in capital from investors, including Google Ventures.

SpaceX – 2002

The company is a producer and developer of aerospace technology. It hopes to launch its rockets to Mars at the end of 2030. The company’s value was more significant than 100 million dollars, according to a CNBC report last year.

The Boring – 2017

The company which tunnels underground hopes to construct hyperloops. This is an ultra-fast ground transport system for passengers and cargo to solve the significant city congestion issues.

Tesla Inc. – 2003

The electric car maker, which was listed in 2010, is valued at over $1 trillion, far more than traditional automotive giants Ford and General Motors combined. In the past, Elon Musk said the company could unveil the “Tesla Bot” humanoid robot prototype in 2022. The prototype is intended for hazardous, repetitive, or tedious tasks that people do not want to perform.

PayPal – 1998

The fintech company was listed under the name of Holdings Inc. first in 2002. The company was then bought from eBay Inc for $1.5 billion shortly after. The company then went public in the year 2015.

Stripe Inc. – 2010

The company that makes digital payments was estimated at $95 billion during the fundraising round in 2017. Reuters announced the date of July 21, 2021, when Stripe hired an attorney firm as the first step toward the market for its debut.

Vicarious – 2010

According to the Vicarious website, the robotics and artificial intelligence company, which has received more than 250 million dollars in capital, includes Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg as investors.

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