Will Smith swing on Chris Rock sends 2022 Oscars

After a long and tense route to get here with Smith, after a long and controversial road, the 94th Academy Awards are finally arriving. The final predictions are out and “Power of the Dog” and “CODA” scheduled to fight for the evening’s highest prize. All attention — even our ownwill be focused on a show that is expected to focus on entertainment over the traditional.

Keep it up all night long, while Times columnists Mary McNamara and Glenn Whipp review the top speeches, the biggest upsets and other noteworthy stories from Sunday’s Oscars — including the trophies that were handed out on screen on the 2022 Oscars live chat.

8.42 p.m. It’s just a tiny bit later than 8:30. Glenn! This was great fun. We might do this again next year! –MM

Do they give us the right to follow their example? Since it seems as if it’s too late, Mary. Very. Very. Late. –GW

Here are our hosts wearing their pajamas. They did an excellent job I thought , and now we’re just nine minutes and three hours? I’m not sure. My Apple monitor has told me that I should stand up for four minutes, so I’m going to take it on. You have to put those rings on even on Oscar night. –MM

8.40 p.m.Well, I am very happy as the article I wrote yesterday, titled ” How ‘CODA’ was named the best film” has gone available in the Los Angeles Times’ website! Then there’s the good news … it’s also a great film is delightful and lovely. Absolutely not the most beautiful film to me however I’m not going throw any shade at a film which still leaves an uncomfortable lump in my throat even after watching it a few times. –GW

“Okyou’re saying CODA.'” Greatest announcement of the best movie ever made written by Liza Minnelli. You were right, and I’m very pleased with the result. It’s not like anyone has was asking. –MM

8.34 p.m.The Second Coming? A breaking of the seal of seven? –MM

Gaga and Liza Liza and Gaga! This is the final award! What’s next I don’t know. –GW

Chastain exclaims Andrew Garfield, who’s had several amazing roles this year, but hasn’t received any status. He also stands up to the an increase in racism, but without naming celebrities … hold up, Gaga as well as Liza minnelli What? –MM

8.31 p.m. Oooooh yeah. Awards were presented at the end of the night! There were plenty of Penelope Cruz truthers in this category. I would’ve loved to have her win however, I was able to see Chastain. I’m not a huge admirer of “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” which is now expected to get one more Oscar more than “The The Power of the Dog.” The actress did a fantastic job in it. –GW

Jessica Chastain wins best actress! What’s your card like now, Glenn? –MM

8.27 p.m.“Will Smith said the whole thing. What else could be said?” Anthony Hopkins pretty is the best summary of the show. What follows from all that?? -What can we learn from all that? GW

Amy Schumer “Did me miss something. It’s like the atmosphere has changed in this room and it’s not just me.” God bless this space for handling this entire issue with the grace of God. (Also, Billy Crystal, take your food in. Again.) –MM

8.23 p.m.If it was staged — and I don’t imagine it wasn’t that it was staged, then Smith should be a worthy recipient of an Oscar just for the speech. –GW

This was a truly remarkable moment, one so incredible that I understand why fans were wondering if that incident with Rock was staged. It’s unbelievable however, Smith had a heartbreaking moment from a awful anger tussle. I was awestruck by the part about Denzel Washington telling Smith “At your most vulnerable be aware it’s when the devil is waiting to take thee.” The look Washington’s face showed was equally stunning. The most genuine apology and self-deprecation I can think of any moment I’ve seen in this or perhaps any other show. What a night. –MM

817 p.m.“Love will make you do insane actions.” What else needs to be stated? –GW

He won, so we won’t find out. “Richard Williams is a ferocious advocate for the family he was raised in,” Smith began his acceptance speech. “Denzel stated to me, ‘At your greatest moment, be cautious because that’s when the devil will come after you. It’s as if I’d like to be a symbol of love. I would like to say thank for Venus and Serena and also to the entire Williams family for trusting the story of their love story to me. I’d like apology to the Academy. I would like to apologize to my colleagues who have been nominated.” –MM

8.08 p.m.It’s a wonderful win. And it could be the sole Oscar which “The The Power of the Dog” gets from the 12 nominations. The director being awarded for a film that has no other awards hasn’t been seen ever since Mike Nichols won for “The Graduate.” That’s quite a good group to be in. –GW

And she is! We are grateful to God. Let’s forget about the males who fight and talk about how great Campion is and how wonderful to see that she has finally was able to win this award, becoming the third woman to win it and two women have had the honor of winning it back-to-back at the beginning of Oscar history. Can you really imagine a scenario where men winning for the same director for consecutively for two years could be something to be celebrated? Additionally, she’s an icon, and while icons don’t require shiny things however, they are still happy to have these. Now, I’m angry at the thought that Will Smith losing his s– will overtake Jane Campion’s historic victory. Sigh. Men. -Men. MM

8.01 p.m.It’s true, however, Kevin Costner is providing some comforting drone-chant on the importance of cinema and the significance of directors. When Jane Campion wins for a film that focuses on the harmful society of hyper masculinity it’s a good thing…”MM

It’s as if that Billie Eilish show took place some time ago. The performance was in the Before Times. -The Before Times. GW

In addition, Billie Eilish and Finneas have been awarded the award for the best song, depriving Lin-Manuel Miranda an EGOT, and bringing the two into the “GO” portion of the. Since the moment they announced that they were creating and performing the newest Bond tune, this victory seemed to be pre-planned. It was still exciting. –MM

7:53 p.m. No. They need to make the announcement immediately. -“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MM

Are people actually watching the event right now? Are we just repeating the slap over and over and waiting for the best actor to be awarded? –GW

Would you award someone an Oscar even if he slams your host? However, I think the academy doesn’t have to worry about the 8 pre-telecast awards dominating the discussion tomorrow. –MM

7:51 p.m.When Rock hosted the 2016 Oscars the actor made fun of Will and Jada who had decided to not attend the ceremony. “Jada became angry, and declared she was not going. Doesn’t she have a television show? Jada abstaining from Oscars Oscars will be like not going to Rihanna’s pants — I was not even invited!” Rock added: “You feel angry because Will was so good, but was not nominated” (for his performance in “Concussion”and “Concussion. “It’s also unfair the fact that Will got paid $20 million for the role in “Wild West..'” So, yes, there’s some historical precedent there. –GW

7:49 p.m.Yeah, I think that people who are following me on social media suddenly paying attention. It was an out of the ordinary reaction. Even though Rock ought to know better than to scream about the appearance of a woman. I’ve never felt so nervous at an Oscars show, and that’s even though we were close to missing deadline with the “Moonlight” victory. –MM

We’re now waiting to hear what Smith will say when he is awarded the leading actor Oscar. If they had relegated this award for the ultimate award of the evening as they did last year, they’d be sure that nobody would tune out. –GW

7:38 p.m.At least Diddy was able to get Smith to smile. It was, however, one of the strangest and most disturbing Oscar moments I’ve ever witnessed. I’m curious about what the impact was in the theater, and what the mood was like. –MM

I believe that he is owed by Questlove an earful or two. –GW

He doesn’t appear to be in an apology mental state. In fact, I was laughing at Sean Penn. It’s hard to believe that Rock didn’t have knowledge of Jada’s situation. –MM

Yes! Are he planning to apologize? Double down??? –GW

This is this: the “Godfather” tribute, and all I, and possibly all of us, imagine is: What will happen in the event that Will Smith wins his Oscar? –MM

7:31 p.m.Jada Pinkett Smith is suffering from a condition that causes hair loss. She has been open about the condition. Will Smith did not appreciate Rock’s joke. However … well … WOW. I’m going to have to rewind and go through that. –GW

Evidently, the moment Rock did an “G.I. Jane” reference to Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair shaved, Smith lost it, stood up, hit Rock and told him to “keep your wife’s name from your mouth.” WOW. This isn’t great. It’s also very disappointing for Questlove who was recently awarded the best documentary award in the category of “Summer of Soul.” –MM

It didn’t look at all scripted. -” GW

I’m thinking about something horrible has happened. –MM

What. Just. Happened??? –GW

Chris Rock is now on and what’s going on? Was Will Smith actually lose his the shit? The longest ever bleep in Oscar history stifled his conversation between Rock and Rock and Rock appears to be stunned. –MM

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