7 Safe & Effective Tips From Carpet Cleaning Professionals To Make Your Life Easier

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Here are a few tried and tested tips to deal with some common issues related to carpets. These tips, provided by highly trained and skilled professionals, are expected to make your life easier.

1. Dealing With Wax Spillage On Carpets

Liquefied wax often spills over carpets and before you can spare a look it solidifies right on the fabric. This robs carpets of their appeal. Here is a tried and tested means to deal with the menace – place a few pieces of paper towel or paper bag on the hardened wax and place a warm iron on top of the towel or the bag. You may also have to apply little pressure as the wax will shift from the carpet to the paper bag or towel under the effect of the heat and the pressure. You may have to repeat this procedure a few times before the entire wax spillage gets cleared away. Optionally, you may also treat the solidified wax with little alcohol before applying the heat and the pressure.

2. Getting Rid Of Stains Caused By Nail Polish

Spilt nail polish on a carpet is a common menace at homes and this kind of accidents or spilt often leads to a harrowing experience while undoing. But as a matter of fact there is nothing to fret over the matter provided you know the right procedure to deal with it. First you should allow the nail polish to dry out completely and then you can scrape it off from the carpet using the blunt side of a butter knife. However this procedure often proves little time consuming and as an alternative and faster remedy pour little amount of alcohol on a clean white piece of cloth and gently rub it on the nail polish stain. The menace will clear away almost in no time.

3. Removing Blood Stains From Carpets

Bloodstains look pretty much unsightly anywhere include carpets and rugs and removing these stains is never easy to say the least. However trained and skilled professionals who deal with carpet cleaning in London ensure if you know the right trick then getting rid of blood stains is not a difficult task. If the stains are fresh then it is better to blot the affected area with fresh paper towel. However if the blood stains dry up then apply a little cold water to it mixed with a little detergent. Cold water loosens up dried blood stains like nothing else. Scraping off loose stains is easier with a blunt butter knife. In the next step apply a little hydrogen peroxide to the stained area of the carpet and scrub the affected area with a used toothbrush. Make sure the chemical goes deeper into the fibres of the carpet. Allow the chemical to settle for about 15 to 20 minutes and then you will notice formation of foam and fizz. When foam and fizz appear you know the chemical is doing its job fine and blot up both the chemical and blood residues with a paper towel.

4. After Vacuuming A Carpet Always Run A Lint Roller Over It

Lint rollers are undeniably effective removing tiny fibres and loose hair from linen, clothing and upholstery items. Every time after vacuuming your carpet you must run a lint roller over it to get rid of the minute loose particles from the décor item.

5. Shaving Creams Are A Highly Effective Carpet Cleaner

Yes, shaving creams happen to be an unbelievably effective cleaner for carpets! But do not try any greasy or dyed shaving cream; always go with the plain, white variety. Apply shaving cream in sufficient quantity to a stained area of a carpet and allow it to settle down for about an hour suggest experts who provide professional carpet cleaning service in London over the years. In the last step you just have to wipe off the shaving cream using a clean, damp towel or a piece of cloth.

6. Using Eco-Friendly Cleaners & Reducing Carbon Footprint In The Nature

As a responsible citizen who cares for tomorrow and the day after, everyone should discard those industrially manufactured harsh chemicals that come in form of carpet cleaners and are widely available in supermarkets. Preparing an eco-friendly cleaning using all natural ingredients at home is no big deal and moreover using this range of cleaners to get desired cleaning effects proves to be easier than you may think. Just apply a natural cleanser directly on a stained area, wait for some time for the cleanser to settle down and then scrub gently to clear away stains from your prized carpets and rugs.

7. Deep Cleaning Carpets At Regular Intervals

You should deep clean your carpets at frequent intervals not only to extend the life and the shine of the décor items but also to improve the indoor air quality in your home or commercial space. Deep cleaning machines prove a helpful tool in deep cleaning carpets; in the opinion of experts who provide professional carpet cleaning services in London these machines penetrate to the base of the fibres of a carpet to bring out dirt and grime along with clearing away deep stains.

How safe are commercially manufactured carpet cleaning chemicals especially when children and pets are concerned? This seems to be a highly relevant question when ever increasing carbon footprint of man is a matter of grave concern and serious threat to the ecology. And since we have already mentioned about eco-friendly carpet cleaners in this post above it is relevant to pick up this question as well.

When toxic effect of commercially manufactured carpet cleaners is concerned it is always better to use homemade eco-friendly products to clean carpets. Chemical residues in commercial cleansers can be real threat to more or less every member in a household especially children and pets since they usually spend their maximum time on carpets.

Homemade Eco-Friendly Cleaners For Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

The ingredients you require are –

  • About a tablespoon full of any liquid dishwashing soap
  • About half cup hydrogen peroxide
  • About half cup distilled white vinegar and
  • Optionally few drops of your favourite essential oil

Pour all the ingredients in a plastic and keep stirring well until the ingredients form a smooth, homogenous mixture. Essential oil is optional as it works as air freshener to remove odour or stink from your rug or carpet explain professional cleaners working at the renowned VIP Carpet Cleaning London. Pour this mixture into the container of the steam cleaner and add water to it for dilution. Turn on the steam and run the machine on the carpet. Once entire surface area of the rug or carpet is covered dispose the remaining mixture from the container of the machine and fill it up with water. Rerun the steam over the fibres to get rid of any residue.

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