Henry Olyphant: Biography, Education, & Personal Life Overview

Henry Olyphant

Henry Olyphant was born into a prominent Hollywood family in California and values his privacy despite his family ties. His father, Timothy Olyphant, is a well-established actor known for his roles in movies and TV shows. Despite his Hollywood background, Henry prefers to avoid public attention. Currently living in Westwood, Los Angeles, Henry manages his studies while keeping a low profile in light of his family’s influential background. This article explores Henry Olyphant’s upbringing, his personal decisions, and how he navigates life alongside his father’s successful career.

Henry Olyphant: Biography Overview

Henry Olyphant, born in 2001 in California, USA, is famously known as the son of renowned Hollywood actor Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief. He is the middle child among three siblings, with older sister Grace Katherine and younger sister Vivian Olyphant. Henry’s grandparents are John Vernon Olyphant Bevan and Katherine Olyphant. He currently lives in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, and keeps a low profile despite his family’s ties to the entertainment industry.

Personal Details:

Full Name Henry Olyphant
Nickname Olyphant Jr
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2001
Place Of Birth California, U.S
Present Address Westwood, Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark-brown
Mother Alexis Knief
Father Timothy Olyphant
Siblings Grace Katherine (older sister), Vivian Olyphant (younger sister)
Relationship Status Single
Known For Son of the actor Timothy Olyphant

Education & Career Influence

Henry Olyphant is currently pursuing his education at a recognized university in the United States. While details about his career aspirations are limited, his father’s illustrious career in Hollywood serves as a notable influence. Timothy Olyphant has starred in various films and TV shows, including “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Santa Clarita Diet,” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Net Worth: Henry Olyphant’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million. This figure reflects his financial status, while his father, Timothy Olyphant, boasts a net worth of about $20 million, amassed from his successful acting career.

Dating & Personal Life

As of the latest updates, Henry Olyphant is single and has not publicly disclosed much about his dating history. He remains focused on his studies and maintains a private life away from the media spotlight.


In the shadow of his father’s success, Henry Olyphant emerges as a figure dedicated to personal growth and academic achievement. With a modest public profile and a focus on maintaining privacy, he exemplifies a grounded approach to life despite the allure of Hollywood glamor. As he continues his education and explores potential career paths, Henry remains poised to carve his own niche, guided by the support of his family and the legacy of his father’s storied career.


What is Henry Olyphant famous for?

Henry Olyphant is primarily known for being the son of actor Timothy Olyphant, who has starred in various notable films and television series, including “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Santa Clarita Diet,” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Where does Henry Olyphant currently live?

Henry Olyphant resides in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, where he shares a home with his family.

What is Henry Olyphant’s net worth?

As of recent estimates, Henry Olyphant’s net worth is approximately $2 million. His father, Timothy Olyphant, boasts a net worth of around $20 million, amassed from his successful acting career spanning several decades.

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