Phuket Paradise: Top Resorts & Activities For UK Travelers

Phuket Paradise

It is the most stunning place to visit in Thailand. Millions of tourists come there every year to enjoy their vacations.  Are you residing in the UK and looking for an amazing escape to a place where you can relax and enjoy? If yes Phuket is the best option for you. It offers something for every tourist. It offers thrilling activities, and water sports and provides you with moments to relax at the beach. Its luxurious lifestyle and eye-catching scenery attract tourists. Let us dive into the amazing opportunities to enjoy during Holidays to Phuket from UK.

Big Buddha Statue 

This is the must-see attraction in Phuket. This is the statue of Maravija Buddha. Its construction commenced in 2014 and its base was completed in 2018 approximately. The best time to visit this amazing attraction is anytime in the day but prefer to visit in the morning or evening as in the noon you may face the scorching sun. it opens at 6 am and closes at 7.30 pm. This is the most famous tourist destination in Phuket. You are also provided with a parking facility. You just need to pay a little fee and park your vehicle there. And do not worry about roads as they are well maintained.

Mouth-Watering Thai Food

Are you a foodie? Holidays to Phuket from UK are the best option for you to enjoy the wide variety of Thai food. If you want to enjoy the original taste of Thai food, local street food is the best option to make you feel stuffed. Fresh ingredients in Thai food add flavors to it and make it more delicious. Also, do not forget to try Thai cuisine. People from all around the world love to taste Thai cuisine.  Tom yum soup and spicy green curry are the most eaten dishes in Phuket.

Simon Cabaret

This is not to miss the show in the Phuket. Interestingly, you can also take your kids with you as it is a family-friendly show where ladyboys perform different acts to entertain the audience. There are well-choreographed ladyboys that amuse the people by performing stunning acts. You can also enjoy different music and acting performances. Do not miss this show when you come on holidays to Phuket from UK.

Old Phuket Town

This amazing place reminds the old lifestyle of the Phuket. You can see many old buildings, restaurants, and hotels over there. You can see Chinese architecture and many more. Hotels are available near the old Phuket town. Two days are enough to explore the full old Phuket town. There are many famous museums in old Phuket town that you can visit during your holidays to Phuket from UK. Just enjoy your vacations by exploring old Phuket town with your loved ones. This is indeed a good opportunity for those who love to know about the history of the Phuket in detail.

Golf Courses

You can get collections of golf courses in Phuket.  Many tourists love to play golf and enjoy the amazing scenery around them. There are also hotels nearby so that players can perfectly accommodate their families. This is a good opportunity for Golf lovers to enjoy during their holidays to Phuket from UK. so, are you ready for these vacations?

Visit Koh Panyee

This is a must-see attraction in Phuket during holidays to Phuket from UK. This is a Muslim fishing village. You can have access to this island by traveling on a longtail boat.  This is the busiest place as tourists come here for their lunch and to visit this amazing attraction. If you want to stay here for more time you can spend the night here to enjoy the real beauty of the village.

Museum Phuket Old Town

There are many museums in Phuket old town.  So, you can visit and enjoy and can learn about the history of the Phuket there. Some of the most popular museums in Phuket Old Town are Thai Hua Museums, Chinpracha House, Phuket Baba, and Peranakanitat Museum. Some of them charge entry fees while some are free. So, do not forget to visit  Museum Phuket Old Town during your holidays to Phuket from UK.

Accommodation Options

Are you looking for accommodations to stay in Phuket during your holidays to Phuket from UK? Stop worrying about it because Phuket offers you amazing hotels and resorts. One of the most popular hotels and resorts in Italy is Centara Kata Resort Phuket. Other options are middle-range hotels and guesthouses. So, you can spend your vacations in Phuket without any tension of loading. You can easily find accommodation to ensure your safe stay in Phuket.

Final Thoughts

Summing it up! Holidays to Phuket from UK are a good opportunity to entertain yourself. It allows you to spend some time away from the hectic routine of UK. you can visit historical places, relax at beaches, and can enjoy water sports in Phuket. Then why wait? Just pack your luggage and leave for Phuket from UK with your loved ones.

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